sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2011

her side;

"He gave up on me. Leave me alone, or say goodbye, much less bye, bye. Should I know, it made ​​me loose too long - making sorely missed. That was over a while ... no longer interested in was happening to me. he does not love me anymore. not even let me talk ... it's all over without even telling me what I did to him. sometimes I wonder what I would say to him, but even better was my silence . Finally, I do not want to seem weak. more I love and will always love only him, but I know he loves me not ... as one day told me. "

his side;

"I could not change the situation. Tried to leave it alone, after all, it seemed that was what he needed. Pretended not to care so as not to pass her she was afraid of her leaving me. Forces exhausted themselves. Had not much more certainty in his words ... I felt that she did not love me anymore, I no longer spoke the more I love you, and even kissed me like before. I had to get out of her life, leaving everything over, without even being able to speak I wanted to stay . I love and will always love only her, but I know that she loves me not ... as one day told me. "

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